American Security Challenge

American Security Challenge (ASC) is a technology scouting program that builds bridges between innovators (technology sellers) and enterprises (technology buyers).

ASC is an S3 Innovations program that pro-actively scouts innovation communities for technologies with Cyber, IT, C4ISR and Energy capabilities matching the requirements of customers/users including the federal Defense and Intelligence Community, private sector Critical Infrastructure Owners and Fortune 500 companies. This increases the probability of valuable new technologies actually getting to market while decreasing the time/cost it takes to get to market.

To help us better serve our clients' technology needs, we built TechMATCH, a software platform that facilitates qualified connections between innovator capabilities that match market interests. Each party completes a private and secure "profile" of their capabilities or requirement. TechMATCH intelligently identifies potentially meaningful business opportunities avoiding time and resources spent on unqualified relationship exploration.

Relationships developed depend on both parties interests at any particular time include but not limited to licensing,customer deployment contracts, strategic partnership (reseller, sub-contractor, manufacturing, etc), investment, merger or acquisition. based on "match strength" using proprietary matching algorithms, both parties can quickly identify potential transaction partners based on their relationship interests, technology, time to market, cost to market, technology readiness level (stage), funding sought if any, location, technology differentiation, target markets, small business certifications, patent status, or any combination of dozens of data points. Time to setup a basic profile is less than a half hour.

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